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Discover a new era of manufacturing efficiency with our innovative software offerings. Designed to address the unique needs of the industry, our solutions empower businesses to automate tasks, enhance collaboration, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.

This image shows the dashboard of SmartAPQP Software

Smart APQP

With our Smart APQP Digital Collaboration Platform, you can enhance the quality and timing of new product launches. Streamline your process, improve linkages, and digitally transform your APQP documentation with ease. Experience the benefits of efficient project planning, seamless communication, and simplified documentation. Revolutionize your software experience with SFS and unlock the true potential of your New Product Development endeavors.

This image shows the dashboard of Smart Asset Lifecycle Management Software "SmartALM".

Smart Asset Lifecycle Management

Experience the power of Smart Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) to streamline your asset management processes, enhance performance, and make data-driven decisions. From acquisition to disposal, optimize the entire lifecycle of your assets with our comprehensive solution.

This dashboard shows the dashboard of Smart project management software "SmartPM"

Smart Project Management

Streamline Your Manufacturing Project Management with SFS Smart PM. From idea generation to product launch, our solution optimizes NPD processes for improved efficiency and project success

This image shows the dashboard of Smart Document Software "SmartDM".

Smart Document Management

Experience streamlined document workflow and enhanced efficiency with Smart Document Management. Digitize, organize, and access your documents effortlessly while ensuring security and seamless collaboration.

This image shows the dashboard of Smart Gage Management Software "SmartGM

Smart Gage Management

Efficiently track and manage your company's tools with Smart Gage Management. From location tracking to automated calibration scheduling, this software streamlines gage management, reduces costs, and improves productivity.

This image shows the dashboard of Smart Design Collaboration & Management "SmartDCM".

Smart Design Collaboration & Management

Experience streamlined design collaboration and management with Smart Design Collaboration & Management (DCM). Enhance efficiency, communication, and coordination among design teams, ensuring seamless file sharing, real-time collaboration, and effective project management. Simplify your design process and foster efficient teamwork with our comprehensive DCM solution.

This image shows the dashboard of Smart RFQ Management Software "SmartRFQ".

Smart RFQ Management

SmartRFQ Management automates and streamlines the RFQ process, eliminating the need for paper, email, and spreadsheets. Simplify RFQ management, track tasks, collaborate with teams, and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly.

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