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This dashboard shows the dashboard of Smart project management software "SmartPM"

Efficient Manufacturing Project Management

Discover SFS Smart PM, tailored for manufacturing companies. Streamline NPD processes, enhance collaboration, and achieve project excellence

Comprehensive Project Management Features

Empower your manufacturing projects with SFS Smart PM's advanced features. Optimize collaboration, automate tasks, and ensure efficient project execution

Task Management.

It allows users to define, assign, prioritize, manage tasks, and track progress within a project.


It includes collaboration features such as file sharing, real-time notification, real-time document collaboration and collaboration among team members.

Task Escalation

Auto and manual task escalation ensures timely completion of tasks.

Reporting and Analytics

Provides reporting tools to track project progress, performance metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Gantt charts

It represent project schedules, showing tasks, durations, dependencies, and progress over time.

Role-wise Dashboard

Access project insights tailored to roles.

Improved Visibility and Collaboration

Easily handle projects and work together using a central database, chat, templates, forms, and workflows. Manage both internal and external projects, including sub-projects across different departments and locations. Collaborate seamlessly with the help of a centralized database for project documents, chat, standard templates, integrated forms that are like spreadsheets, and workflows.

This dashboard shows the Improved Visibility and Collaboration in Smart project management software "SmartPM"

Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

By implementing automated tasks, reminders, alerts, cross-referenced information, and managed revisions and updates, you can significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary tasks you have to perform and optimize your planning and resource allocation. This will allow you to focus on more important aspects of your work and achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

This dashboard shows the Increase Accuracy and Efficiency in Smart project management software "SmartPM"

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Elevate your manufacturing project management with SFS Smart PM's decision support features. Access insightful reports on project performance, bottlenecks, and costs. Make informed decisions to mitigate risks, ensure project success, and drive continuous improvement.

This dashboard shows the Data-Driven Decision-Making in Smart project management software "SmartPM"

Key Benefits of SFS Smart PM

Experience the advantages of SFS Smart PM for your manufacturing projects. Enhance visibility, efficiency, and decision-making across NPD processes

Enhanced Collaboration
Foster teamwork and communication across departments and locations.
Improved Efficiency
Automate tasks, reminders, and updates for optimized project execution.
Comprehensive Insights
Access insightful reports for better project oversight and performance evaluation.
Streamlined Decisions
Make data-driven decisions to manage risks and allocate resources effectively.
Central Repository
Access project documents, templates, and forms from a single source.
Reduced NVA Work
Minimize non-value-added tasks and focus on strategic project management.
Real-time Visibility
Monitor project health, resource allocation, and progress in real time.
Customizable Reports
Tailor reports to gain detailed insights into various project aspects

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